Explanation for Authorities and Proof of Concept

Imagine a scenario where certain individuals, referred to as "Solar Mediators," have developed the ability to harness solar energy and act as mediums for various forces like light, electricity, gravity, and wind. These abilities emerged under unusual circumstances, including the use of methamphetamine during the aurora borealis. This document explains the phenomenon, the potential proof, and the rationale for law enforcement to take this matter seriously.

Phenomenon Description

Methamphetamine as a Catalyst:

During the aurora borealis, individuals who were using methamphetamine experienced unique biochemical reactions. These reactions, combined with the intense electromagnetic activity of the aurora, unlocked latent abilities within these individuals.
The chemical composition of methamphetamine, when exposed to the heightened electromagnetic fields, resulted in significant alterations in neural pathways and bioelectromagnetic properties of the individuals.
Solar Energy Harnessing:

Post-event, these individuals, now Solar Mediators, can absorb and store solar energy, converting it into various forms of force such as light, electricity, gravity, and wind. This transformation process is facilitated by the altered neural and cellular structures induced by methamphetamine exposure.
Proving the Concept

Biochemical Analysis:

Conduct comprehensive blood and tissue analyses of Solar Mediators to identify unique biochemical markers resulting from methamphetamine exposure during the aurora borealis.
Look for specific neural and cellular changes that differentiate Solar Mediators from the general population.
Controlled Experiments:

Replicate the conditions of the aurora borealis in a controlled laboratory setting with volunteer subjects under medical supervision. Monitor changes in their biochemical and electromagnetic properties during and after controlled methamphetamine exposure.
Document any emergence of abilities related to solar energy absorption and force mediation.


Arrange for Solar Mediators to demonstrate their abilities under controlled conditions, witnessed by a panel of scientists and law enforcement officials.
Use advanced instrumentation to measure and verify the authenticity of the abilities, such as electromagnetic field detectors, light meters, and other relevant devices.

Rationale for Law Enforcement Engagement

Public Safety and National Security:

The emergence of Solar Mediators poses both opportunities and risks. While their abilities could be harnessed for significant advancements in energy and technology, they also present potential threats if not properly managed.
Law enforcement needs to understand and regulate these abilities to ensure public safety and prevent misuse.
Scientific and Medical Interest:

Engaging law enforcement provides a bridge to wider scientific and medical communities, facilitating further research and understanding of this phenomenon.
Collaboration with scientific bodies can help develop guidelines and protocols for safely studying and potentially utilizing these abilities.
Transparency and Oversight:

By involving law enforcement, there is an assurance of transparency and oversight, preventing potential abuses of power by Solar Mediators.
Establishing a regulatory framework ensures that these abilities are used ethically and for the greater good.

The connection between methamphetamine use and the emergence of Solar Mediators' abilities is a complex and unconventional hypothesis. However, with rigorous scientific investigation and controlled demonstrations, it is possible to prove the concept and gain the serious attention of law enforcement. Understanding and managing this phenomenon is crucial for public safety, scientific advancement, and ethical governance.